Monday, January 10, 2011

The Leftovers That Wouldn't Die

Zombies have made a come back in popular entertainment, and how else to explain the Christmas leftovers that keep climbing out of the refrigerator and into my lunch bag? Last week I thought that I had eaten the last of the Christmas dinner leftovers. "Free at last! Free at last!" I exulted.

Yet what should I find lurking in my lunch bag long after I thought I was safe but baked squash with cheese, a relic of Christmas day feasting. I am convinced that last week we did indeed eat the last of the leftovers, but that a few undetected spores of baked squash cloned themselves into a whole dish in a tupperware "petrie dish". Only a total decontamination procedure involving flames or chemical retardent will finally rid us of this scourge. And don't get me started talking about "pink salad".

All of this led to a, scheming is a better word...between my youngest daughter and myself to break from Thanksgiving and Christmas tradition next year and ditch the traditional holiday dishes for something people may consider heretical. Like barbeque. Or Tex-Mex. Or Whataburger.

Seriously, do you really like dressing? Is there any other time of year when you would eat sweet potatoes in a casserole with pecans and marshmellows melted on top? Honestly, do you truly like these dishes even at holiday time? Yeah. That's what I thought. They are a twice-a-year indulgence (?) at best.

So next year...grilled steaks. Or shrimp scampi. Or shrimp with fettucini alfredo. Or even just grilled hamburgers. Something that we will devour to the last morsel on the spot, not a leftover in sight.

And what about Santa? Does he really like all those sugar cookies left out for him on Christmas Eve? Well, maybe one battle at a time.

At least someone seems to have driven a stake into the heart of fruit cake, since I haven't seen that show up for several years.

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